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we take immense pride in bringing you the authentic flavors of biryani.

At Hum Dum Biryani's, we take immense pride in bringing you the authentic flavors of biryani, right in the heart of Sharjah. Our restaurant is dedicated to serving exquisite biryanis that are crafted with love, care, and a perfect blend of aromatic spices. From the moment you step into our establishment, you will be transported to a world of tantalizing aromas and mouthwatering delicacies.


Friday - Thursday | 6 AM - 12 AM
Delivery - Friday - Thursday | 6:30 AM - 12AM

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Indulge in the Finest Flavors, Savory Delights

At Hum Dum Biryani's, we believe in using only the finest ingredients to craft our delectable meals. Each dish is a masterpiece that combines quality, taste, and passion. From the moment you take your first bite, you'll experience a symphony of flavors that will tantalize your palate and leave you craving for more.

Good | Quality | Food
Good | Quality | Food

Delectable Biryani Delights at Hum Dum Biryani's

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Biryani Extravaganza at Hum Dum Biryani's

Prepare yourself for a delightful feast of biryanis like no other. Hum Dum Biryani's brings you a diverse selection of aromatic rice dishes infused with aromatic spices, tender meats, and a symphony of flavors. Get ready to embark on a biryani journey that will leave you craving for more.

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Happy Customers!

"Had a delicious dinner . biryani qorma seikh kabab 100/100❤️❤️"

- Nabaf Shaki

"I love this place 😍. Biryani is too good and other things is also very tasty 😋. I am enjoy the food with my friends. Staff is also very good."

- shahvez akhtar

"Hum dum biryani,a reall Indian taste recommend every 1 to visit"

- Sanju

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